Beauty With Me

Beauty from the Inside Out, 

I am so excited for 2016, the motivation and desire to be a better you has been the focus for me and from what I’ve seen so many others as well. I don’t think there is anything better than taking steps to make yourself a better and healthier person. My passion for beauty has always stemmed from being able to empower people to look and feel their best by recommending skin care and beauty products, along with makeup. I started pursuing my love for beauty after graduating high school and received my esthetics license in 2013. I shortly realized that as much as I loved makeup and skin care my true passion was skin health, and the only way to have truly healthy skin is to have a healthy mind and body. Products and makeup can only go so far if you aren’t properly nourishing your body and mind.

My desire for this blog is to teach individuals on the importance of what their skin needs topically as well as internally, what you put inside your body comes out through your skin. I urge you all to accompany me on this journey of listening to your body and learning how to obtain healthy skin and a healthy mind.


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