Birth Control & Skin

When I was sixteen years old I was introduced to the world of birth control. After struggling with awful PMS symptoms I was prescribed BC. When I was consistent about taking it I benefited from almost pain free months and hardly any break outs. I never struggled with acne in my teenage life but now sitting here at twenty-two years old, a licensed skin therapist, and skin care lover is struggling with break outs.

I continued to do research and play around with products but I was still finding no success. And then….Don’t you love when you come across things that you believe God just places right in front of you, because this is exactly what happened this morning. 

An article published by Vogue was discussing the increase of adult acne in women ages 21-30. As women we product varying levels of testosterone (the male hormone that bumps up pore clogging oil production), throughout our entire life stand of being on birth control we are limited to that exposure. According to Feinberg from Northwestern University, when women decide to come off the pill they get acne.

Skin Spots.jpgSkin Spots 2.jpg











When our body is going through hormonal changes or imbalances we do not have much control over break outs, we just have to deal with them, however we can do our best to illuminate these bumps by taking good care of ourselves. Exercising, eating clean, and keeping up with a good skin care routine can help minimize break outs as much as possible.

Exercising allows your body to sweat and helps detox the skin. Clean eating includes cutting out gluten and dairy that can cause inflammation in the skin, make sure to drink more water and cut out caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Lastly your skin care routine, cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize!

Check out my blog on face mapping to go more in depth on the causes of break outs.


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  1. Love this post!!! Great job Lindsey!


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